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Our Ethos - Cannington Recycling Services

Cannington Recycling Services believe in acting responsibly and with integrity at all times. We recognise our responsibilities to the community and the environment and strive to maintain consistently high standards.Recycling Worker

Due to the nature of our industry, environmental issues are always at the forefront of our decision making. We actively research and develop ways to help reduce our carbon footprint and emissions throughout our company.

We take health and safety very seriously. We conform to the Health and safety at Work Act 1974 and actively promote a safe workplace environment for employees and site visitors alike. We comply fully with regulations concerning environmental protection, animal by-products, duty of care, waste handling and planning permission.

We believe in building local community and helping to promote working with young people. We are proud sponsors of the Somerset Vikings, the South West’s leading Rugby League club. The Viking’s are sending young people on scholarsips, helping to strengthen the local community and keep youngsters involved.

We are also sponsors of the Cannington Village website, which aims to keep it’s residents up-to-date with developments that effect them and their community.