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Our Services - Cannington Recycling Services

We provide a food waste management service to your business. Regardless of your industry, if you produce food waste that you want to recycle in a cost-effective and environmentally friendly manner, we are the service for you.

Our customers range from hotel kitchen managers, pub owners, local government organisations, education and heatlh sectors and many others.

We cater for all industries food waste. If you have larger quantities of food waste that you would like to see turned into renewable energy and help demonstrate your company’s commitment to the environment then please get in touch. We will be glad to discuss any bespoke requirements

Food Waste Collection Services

Cannington Recycling Services are able to offer your business a professional and environmentally friendly way to dispose of your food waste. Whether you are a local pub owner, kitchen manager or industrial food manufacturer, we have flexible options for you.

By recycling your food waste, your company is giving back to the environment.

When you ask Cannington Recycling Services to remove your waste food, we will be pleased to offer you a personalised and signed official Cannington Recycling Service certificate to demonstrate to your customers and clients the commitment your company has made in helping the environment.