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Food Waste Recycling - Cannington Recycling Services

Cannington Recycling Services aim to offer a zero landfill option to local businesses in the area. We will achieve this through our comprehensive food waste recycling methods, which sets out to recycle 100% of all commercial food waste. We have the expertise and technology to help make this goal achievable. 

We offer a daily and weekly food waste collection service, that is handled by our fleet of vehicles. We then transport your food waste to our sister company - Cannington Bio Energy, where, through the process known as anaerobic digestion, we will break down the food waste efficiently and environmentally-friendly. 

Food Waste and the Law

At present there is no legislation in place for businesses to recycle their food waste but it is anticipated that it will be forthcoming. In October 2007, an amendment to the Landfill Directive came in to force requiring businesses in England and Wales to pre-treat all waste before sending to landfill.

This can be done by sorting and segregating waste and  appointing a licensed waste carrier to recycle, recover or compost at least part of the waste produced.

Companies and small businesses that break the law are liable to fines from the Environment Agency.

Many large companies are already looking at the moral and environmental issues concerning the current handling of their food waste. Many already work with specialised food waste recycling companies, such as ourselves.

The cost of effectively and legally managing your waste isn't as high as you might think. Contact us today to see how we can help your business fulfill it's corporate social responsibilities and promote the safe and environmentally friendly recycling of your food waste.